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The Toronto family law firm of Dranoff & Huddart deals with separation and divorce, wills and estates and powers of attorney.

Linda Silver Dranoff practiced for over 37 years before retiring at the end of 2011.

Judith Huddart has been in practice over 35 years, 30 of those years with Linda Silver Dranoff and retires at the end of 2019.

As legal problem-solvers, we promote client and child-focused resolution through negotiation, mediated settlements and collaborative practice. We inform our clients about their legal rights, settlement options, and what a court might order in their circumstances. We advise on strategies and on complex financial matters such as pensions and businesses. We are leaders in promoting Collaborative Practice as a sensible option for dispute resolution.

The Law Society requires lawyers to encourage compromise or settlement whenever possible and to discourage a client from commencing or continuing useless legal proceedings.

"When appropriate, the lawyer should inform the client of ADR options and, if so instructed, take steps to pursue these options."

We are leaders in promoting sensible "ADR" (Aternate Dispute Resolution) options like Collaborative Practice to keep our clients out of court.

Our goal for our clients and their children is to achieve a principled, practical and cost-effective result. We take pride in our firm’s high standards and our award-winning reputations. The atmosphere in our small Toronto law firm reflects our personal style – professional, but also conscientious and responsive to our client’s needs.

Judith Huddart offers consultations and second opinions to help you know your rights and responsibilities and determine your best strategy.

Not sure where to Start?
Judith, together with family and financial professionals, also offers information meetings through The Neutral Zone to couples wanting unbiased information about options for their family as they face a separation.

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