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Separation and Divorce Advice

If you need advice, it is best to book a consultation before you take any steps. You should be aware of your rights, responsibilities and optional strategies before you make permanent decisions, or as soon as possible under your circumstances.

The firm offers legal advice on these separation and divorce issues:

  • Marriage or common-law breakdown
  • Separation Agreements
  • Marriage or Cohabitation pre-nuptial Contracts
  • Children’s issues
  • Property division
  • Pension entitlement
  • Complex financial issues


The firm offers a variety of dispute-resolution methods, depending on the needs of our clients.

  • negotiations with your spouse’s lawyer
  • four-way meetings
  • five or six way meetings including experts in complex financial or child-related situations
  • mediated settlements
  • collaborative practice
  • strategy review consultations for those who need a second opinion about their lawyer’s advice and/or strategy

Child Support Guidelines

The federal Child Support Guideline Tables were amended effective December 31, 2011. Click here to find out how this may affect you.

Further information about separation and divorce

We are pleased to share the attached excerpts from Linda Silver Dranoff’s Every Canadian’s Guide to the Law (HarperCollins 2005) and selected speeches and articles by Linda Silver Dranoff and Judith Huddart (all copyright protected).

By Linda Silver Dranoff:

  • Settling Disputes Privately (PDF format)
    In her February 2008 article from CARP magazine Linda Silver Dranoff discusses the evolution and privatization of dispute resolution options and the implications for the justice system.
  • Preparing for Separation
    This excerpt tells you how to pre-plan for the financial and child-care aspects of separation and for your first meeting with your lawyer.
  • The Matrimonial Home
    This describes what rights you have to your home and how to protect those rights.
  • Sharing Family Property
    This describes the different property-sharing rules across Canada, and how ownership by title can differ from rules set by law.
  • Avoiding Court: Mediation, Arbitration and Collaborative Family Law
    Many techniques have evolved to help divorcing couples resolve matters, when they are able to talk to each other (with help).
  • How Family Law Has Changed
    Momentous changes have occurred in family law in the past thirty years, dealing with custody, child and spousal support, sharing of financial assets, and more. This piece puts those changes in context.

By Judith Huddart:

  • The Adversarial System – Side Effects for Children
    This article gives specific examples to show why the adversarial court system harms children. It suggests that governments should fund court-based support services to help children and their parents cope with conflict over custody/access issues, to protect children while educating and counselling their parents.
  • High Conflict Custody Cases in Canada
    This evaluates the Canadian experience with case management and unified family courts, joint assessors and experts, children’s lawyers, and parenting education programs, and their applicability for high-conflict custody cases. This also provides an overview of the transition since the 1980’s from a “rights-based” parent-focused analysis to a “needs-based” child-focused analysis, and questions whether this change is actually making a difference for children.
  • Client Privacy and the Public’s Right to Know: Just how private is your family law court case?
    This article cautions family law clients that they should not assume they have a right to privacy when they go to court. A brief review of cases in Canada over the last 23 years reveals a move away from privacy rights for family law litigants in favour of the public’s right to know, through the media, about the details of family law cases.

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